20 chrome extensions for web designers can ease their work!


20 chrome extensions for web designers can ease their work!

Chrome extensions have different tools on which designers can rely on and work comfortably. These handy tools can be leveraged depending on your needs in order to create customized working environment. These are widely popular among web designers and endlessly simple for other users too. They are secure and simple to implement and also saves a lot of your valuable time while working.

Before we dive into these spectacular chrome extensions, here’s a quick glimpse into some of the main chrome extensions that can be useful for web designers:

These amazing chrome extensions can alleviate your work load to a much greater extent and make it more productive. These 20 chrome extensions can be categorized into different traits like live editors, frontend extensions, color tools, type playgrounds and font testers and many more.

1. Snappy Snippet

SnappySnippet is a DevTools extension that allows extracting CSS and HTML from selected DOM subtree, and you can send the selected code to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin. It cleans up all unwanted attributes of HTML, optimizes CSS and it is fully configurable.

2. CSS Dig

CSS Dig is a unique extension which discovers style sheets and style blocks on most websites, providing an easy way to analyze the code. Depending on new CSS will make the situation worse and make a plan to fix.

3. MagiCSS

In this extension, your CSS code gets applied immediately and also gets saved in your browser’s local storage. This live CSS editor extension has an inbuilt editor that can glorify and minimize your CSS.

4. CSS Generator

This is a handy extension that will create the code you need for your CSS within the browser. It generates code for the CSS3 properties like text shadow, box shadow, columns, gradients, arrows and strips. Each section has handy sliders to quickly add and remove color to create your perfect gradient.

5. CSS Shack

This web application allows you to create layers like any image editing software. You can use it for innumerable functions like creating website designs or mock-ups based on your creative skills.

6. CSS Viewer

This is nothing complicated but a simple way to view CSS properties. All you need to do is simply click the toolbar icon and then hover any element that you choose to inspect in current page.

7. WordPress style editor

Some of the chrome developer can inspect your theme styles and make modifications to the CSS. These changes are lost as soon as you refresh the page, but with wordpress style editor you can instantly save those CSS changes directly to your style sheet without any edits.

8. CSS shapes editor

This is one of the most interactive extensions as it can create and adjust CSS shapes values by overlapping the selected element. You can edit shapes like polygon, circle, ellipse and other selected elements.

9. Perfmap

The heatmap colors indicate at which point in the page load the image finished loading. A front-end performance heatmap is loaded in the browser using the Resource timing API. It acts like a perfect time indicator for the time taken for image loading.

10. Validity

You can quickly validate your HTML documents with this chrome extension. All you need to do is, click the icon in the toolbar to validate the current document without even leaving the page. You can even see the total number of validation errors and the details in the console tab of Chrome’s developer tools.

11. Web developer Checklist

Web developer checklist is one of the trusted ways to discover the problematic areas in your website. You can check all the errors and violation of practices through this extension.

12. Visual inspector

This is an amazing tool with helps designers to make temporary edit in websites without coding. You can make design changes in live pages comfortably. You can inspect the design changes and even make changes in elements like position, font, color, typography and gradient in order to improvise the design.

13. Check my links

When you have multiple links on your web page, it would be handy if you have this tool as it can quickly check if all the links are working. It will highlight which ones are valid and which ones are broken. It works with local files, bug fixes, copy tweaks and general cleaning.

14. Dimensions

This tool for designers help in measuring screen dimensions, from your mouse pointer from up/down or left/right until it hits a border. It doesn’t really works with the images as it lowers the quality of images, but it does work with other elements.

15. Color Zilla

This is an all-rounder as it is an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator and other goodies. With Color Zilla you can get a color reader from any point of your browser and this helps in adjusting color.

16. Color tab

Color tab fills up your “new tab” screen with a refreshing and pleasing color palette. Each time you open up a new tab, you will see the page with beautiful color scheme.

17. Font face Ninja

Front face Ninja is capable of inspecting, trying and buying fonts on any website. Once you activate this extension, you can identify the font and also will help you dig into the details like name, size, line spacing and color too.

18. Type wonder

Type wonder can help you test web fonts on any website by just entering the URL to preview the fonts. This makes the process of choosing fonts more enjoyable.

19. Responsive web design tester

Test your mobile site on mobile devices without any hassle. It is easy to preview your responsive website designs at the dimensions they will visible on mobile devices with different screen sizes.

20. Perfect Pixel

This is a perfect extension for both web developers and designers. Perfect Pixel allows developers to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of developed HTML to perform per pixel comparison between them.

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