5 comprehensive tricks to succeed in Ecommerce SEO


5 comprehensive tricks to succeed in Ecommerce SEO

There are various specific challenges in doing marketing with e-commerce websites and the promotion requires proper balancing and planning in terms of evolving strategies. As online stores are very huge websites which simultaneously carries out multiple tasks, it can turn into a nightmare if you do not follow certain time saving tactics.

1. Compile 3 separate keywords lists

The 3 stages in which the customers tend to use the keywords are, while they research, compare and purchase. Also, don’t miss the research pattern that your target audiences follow, and they are: – gender, age, and social status. Spend a significant amount of time in research, as you need to know what your audiences are searching for.

To make it easier follow the 3 steps given below:

Prepare a list of action keywords which is expected from the consumers while comparing and purchase stages. They might have queries before making a decision.
E.g. price, review, buy or compare

Get a full list of brands which you are dealing with at your store.
E.g. Sony, Samsung and so on

Try compiling categories, product names and their core properties.
E.g. TV, laptop, smartphones or say the size of these devices (34 inch display).

2. Mix the keywords up

Once you’ve worked out well with these the above three, start putting together search phrases. You just need to combine generic keywords with product keywords and their properties. You can manually compile dozens of keywords. To make this task easier, use Rank Tracker’s word combination to get a full list of long tail keywords. Here’s how it works-

  • Open a project in Rank Tracker.
  • Click the suggest keywords button.
  • Select word combination from the available keyword research method, and then click next.
  • Select all the sections that you wish to combine, and then enter all keywords in the column, finally click next.

You will get instant results. Select keywords for your project and then click the update key to analyze their search volume, competition and Keyword Efficiency Index. This is one of the time saving techniques.

3. On-page optimization made easy

If it’s an e-commerce website it will typically have a limited set of category pages but a lot of product pages as that’s what they aim. It is not that easy to create unique titles, H1 tags and product descriptions for so many products. But luckily the slot machine approach helps in doing the same and it can classify keywords into different sections like awareness, research, comparison, purchase and retention. For instance, buy (Product Name). Implement schema markup which is a code that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative and useful results for users. Product schema and review schema are the most important ones. Once this is done, the snippets of your website will get in-depth information like, rating, price, availability to help your website standout in the SERPs.

4. Avoid content duplication

This is mainly divided in two categories:-

  • Off-site – The content appears on too many websites across the world.
  • On-site – Many web pages feature the same content.
i) Ways to fix off-site duplication

It is a common practice for ecommerce sites to use product descriptions, images and specifications provided by manufacturers. This makes sense as you can extract accurate information through the manufacturer. But there are other ways which you can adopt to deal with the same.

  • Write a unique description for each item by hiring a team of professional copywriters
  • Leverage user-generated content and pay incentives or bonus to customers who leave elaborative and well defined review.
  • Create a Q&A section for each product or a unique FAQ section.
  • Optimize product category pages if you don’t have enough time and resources to work.
ii) Ways to fix on-site duplication

On-site duplication is a frequent problem and can be the result of e-commerce CMS ot illogical website structure. There are two possibilities that can lead to on-site duplication:-

A. Product may belong to several categories like for instance; A Videocon TV could be a part of categories like home furnishing, Electronics (TVs) or brand name (Videocon).

B. CMS (Content management system) could provide separate URL and page for the same product. This can be on different elements like, size, color or other specification.

These common problems can be handled with several solutions as stated below:-

  • Use the site’s crawl budget wisely in order to create master URLs in which the CMS will always return to one URL no matter which path the user prefers to take.
  • Use canonical URLs which has unique traits like your blog/content will automatically save multiple URLs when you place the same post in multiple sections.
5. Creating SEO friendly pages for unavailable products

There are times when your store runs out of certain products or even discontinuous the sales of any particular item. These cases can be handled differently.

A. Create smart pages for temporarily unavailable products
  • Include the arrival date or the product availability status to inform the customer if they could wait for the product.
  • Make provisions for sending the notification via emails or messages when the product arrives.
  • Give them an option to preorder the item.
  • Add a list of similar products and offer them alternative option of different brands or manufacturers.
B. Ways to handle permanently discontinued products
  • It is a known fact that 404 is a common way to remove pages from the search engine index; hence the overall ranking of the website won’t be affected.
  • Create a 301 redirect to a similar or relevant product. This helps in increasing the load time and confusing the visitor to eventually check the alternative product.
  • If you don’t wish to use the above tactics, simply keep the product page as it is, and inform the customer that the item is currently unavailable. This is the best way to maintain the page rankings.
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