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Google Ranking In 2016 Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Simple Tips

There was a huge fluctuation in Google rankings in the month of January. The main reason behind this fluctuation was a core algorithm update which was based on websites that do not have enough content. The update is called the Panda Update.

Many companies are in a a confusion about the fluctuations and don’t know the exact reason behind these fluctuations. Here are a few tips to follow to stay up to date with google

Content Matters

The Latest Panda update has confirmed that the sites with no content or less content will surely fall in rankings. So, it is mandatory for businesses to publish quality content at regular intervals. Just designing and building a new website is not enough to stay in the Google ranking competition. As the latest update is all related to content a 250 word content on your site is not enough. So, make sure that all the pages in your site are not less than 250-300, otherwise they will be punished by Google in the form of rankings. It is also punishing the sites which are over optimized with keyword stuffing for SEO purposes. Now content is the king of SEO, so make sure to write the fresh and best content to make your site to rank top in the Google.

Social Media Impact

In 2016. Social media activities are a good ranking signal for Google. Yes, this is true because tweets, shares and like on social media platform will have an impact on your site’s authority. It is highly recommended for businesses to be highly active on social media site like Facebook and Linkedin. It is also suggested to add YouTube into this list because the video promotion of your business will also have a great impact on the sales of the products of your business.

Effective On Page SEO

The sites which are not compliant with Google are going to smash and the basic SEO 101’s like URL structures, titles, descriptions and H1 headers must be cleaned to make it compliant and rank above other sites. You have to come out with a workable solution using Google Analytics and also you have to make sure that the site has a great user interface, and facilitates the users by giving a great experience and website architecture. Also make sure that you do not copy any content from any other website because this may effect your rankings very badly in 2016.

Get Best Reviews from Customers

Backlinking is very important for a page as it is one of the main reasons for the page to get the rank 1. Also getting real reviews from real clients for your business and posting them on Google reviews will have a great impact on your site. Make sure that you are able to get the honest and realistic feedback from your customers by providing them the most satisfied service. Generally the most satisfied happy customers will surely leave a review.

Follow these tips in the year 2016 to make your site rank the highest in Google and make sure to use the necessary tools to check the performance of your website. Though the analytic task is difficult you have to get it done by using certain tools than leaving it.