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Organic ways to Keep Your Website on Google Page 1

A website for your company is the living entity on the internet that brings the maximum popularity to your business or company globally. Regular updates of the website will make the search engine stop by your site and index it in the Google search engine. Your website should be a dynamic one which gets updated with fresh and high quality content every time.

If you are thinking to bring your website on top of the Google rankings, then here are some tips that influence your website:

1. Quality Content is Key to Google Rankings

Fresh Content is the major factor that influences the search engines to look at your website frequently. The more frequently we update our site with fresh content like articles, web pages and downloads, the more is the chance that the search engines will stop by your site. When search engines frequently look at your site, it has the chance to get higher rankings based on the content in the site. The most important thing to remember is that never post low quality articles stuffed with keywords in your website because Google may penalize you for it.

2. Build Your Online Presence

Small business or big enterprise whatever it may be, you have to take the necessary steps to attract new customers. In the past, they were two methods; one is through direct advertising or through word of mouth. But today’s world is completely dependent on the Internet, so businesses must concentrate on improving their online presence to reach millions of global customers. For example, create a website with your company name as domain name making it easy to find through the search engines.

3. Increase Your Website Traffic

Website traffic is also a major factor that makes your website reach the top pages in the Google. Here are some important tips to increase the website traffic, which include the following:

4. Domain Age – Is it Important?

Domain Age is the age of a domain considered from when it was first registered using a host and at instances, itcan be considered as the time when the domain is first indexed in Google. A strong Domain age plays a very important role in the indexing of your website in the Google. It doesn’t mean that a domain that is simply purchased over 20 years without any site will be indexed, the domain must have a site and must be visited by search engines regularly. Therefore, a strong Domain age will influence the site to get better rankings.

5. High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are those links which direct towards your website and are also known as inbound links. Google considers those websites with more no of quality back-links and consider those websites for better rankings in the results pages of the search query.

6. Whole Site Analysis

These factors influence the SEO score and helps in getting the best score for your website.

7. Perfect On-Site Optimization

On-site Optimization means following a certain set of proven methods to get highest ranks in the search engine. Google ranking is given by considering the On-page SEO score, Social Media following, Backlinks and many other off page factors. If perfect On-site optimization is done in a smart way, the search engine can easily pick up the targeted keyword and make your website stay in the top pages of Google.

8. Website Speed

Google has announced that the website speed or the page load time will impact the rankings of the website. The page load time refers to the actual time a user has to wait for the page to load. No user wants to wait for a long time for the page to be loaded; this indirectly leads to the low page ranking in the Google. Google says that the pages with slow load time will be penalized and get low ranking on both mobile and desktop.

9. Social Media Engagement

Social Media is the best way to promote your business website and get the top ranking in the Google. There are many social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn where you can post your posts and get the maximum popularity for your website. Every website post must be funny and entertaining because lot of people logs in into social media accounts for fun and entertainment. Social Media Marketing is ineffective without the engagement, so make sure to entertain the audience so, that they comment like and share your posts and make your business or website reach millions of people globally.

These are the major factors that make your website get the best ranking in the Google and stay in the top pages in Google Search Engine.