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Vinutnaa Pongal Celebrations 2018

In our country festivals bring fun to our lives, we do celebrate a wide variety of festivals. Pongal is also known as Makar Sankranthi and it is the most popular festival celebrated in the South to express the gratitude for the harvest towards sun god. Especially the cows and bullocks were worshiped for their unlimited contribution.

As a part of our employee engagement activities, Vinutnaa has celebrated Pongal celebrations before the previous day of Pongal.

We have all gathered to celebrate this most cherished moment to add a little more fun to our celebrations. As the clock hit by 11 pm, everyone worse to welcome the festival fun flow in the office. Preparations for the games were on the swing from the morning. Teams are formed by a chit-pull system by drawing the chits randomly. A new game was planned and designed while eagerness reached to the peaks. The games include Treasure Hunt, Dumb Charades and many more. The very team has made some individual strategies to win the game. The game revealed the patience and intelligence of everyone as the games went on, we took a break with a delicious lunch. The game end by searching the treasure and the winners are announced. Everyone has dispersed by wishing a good fortune and luck for their friends & families.


Vinutnaa New Year Celebrations 2k18

Another remarkable year has come to an end! The countdown has begun to welcome this New Year in our style. New Year celebrations are the most awaited events that everyone looks for. As this festival brings loads of fun & joy and it is the right time to gather to welcome this New Year.

Life is a celebration right! We value all cultures, traditions and we don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate joyful events. The aim of celebrating these events is to motivate the employees and as well as to tighten the bond.

Our New Year Party celebrations were started with decorating our workplace with party decorative, balloons, etc. Played some games and followed by amazing launch.

Have a cheerful year ahead!

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