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Another Milestone of Our Success

Vinutnaa IT Services is glad to announce our another milestone in our journey. We have Invited Sri. N. Sesha Reddy Garu on October 24th, 2018 to our new office which is recently constructed on the 2nd floor. In his busy schedule, he graced the occasion by accepting our invitation. All our managing director, managers and all our employees grandly welcome him with open arms. This office would be the new center for industrial training, internships for graduates, diploma, degree students and as well for the learners who are eager to excel in their career.

Our new office is constructed with an innovative design and outstanding sate-of-art-facilities with excellent amenities. Thus it creates a friendly and a perfect environment for our employees and the students in order to grow, develop and excel.

Our team addressed the crowd with a brief note and followed by a short speech by Sri. N. Sesha Reddy Garu who was the chairman of prestigious Aditya Group of Educational Institutions has shared his experience regarding his growth and advised all the employees to dream big and don’t stick for small happiness. He said a business growth is directly depending on good teamwork, so every employee in the organization has to work as a team for the growth of their success. He clearly explained our responsibilities towards the society and importance of MLC elections.

According to him, in order to see a developed India, we need to elect a right candidate who can change our society. Voting is a primary right for every citizen to choose their future leader of tomorrow. Many of them think a single vote will not change the economy, but the fact is it does! He says that MLC election is the right opportunity to choose the right legislative council who can contribute to the development of Andhra Pradesh, India. As the legislative council is elected by the graduates, he made us aware of our responsibility and right towards the society.

After the speech, many of us have really felt what he has said absolutely right. We got to know our responsibilities and realized that we are the first step for our future development. So everyone of us make use of our vote and choose the best leader for the development of our country. We too educate other to bring a change in the society.

Finally, it was fun to watch all the people who are directly or indirectly related to our success in one roof and spending time together. Our inauguration was ended with a happy note!

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