An Enticing Trip to Araku Valley

An Enticing Trip to Araku Valley

It all started with one evening surprise after a conference held in our office. We never thought it would be such a sweet surprise from our company’s Head. Our HR announced that we all would have a 2 days trip to Araku valley. We were so excited and waiting for that day.

Our Journey To Araku Valley

On the 17th of December, we were 45 members who boarded the bus and we started by 8:00 AM. By 1’o clock, in the afternoon, we were on the Ghat road to Paderu. We suddenly felt the drop in the mercury levels. It was so cold as we headed towards the hills, but the views were spectacular.

A Coffee Break At Araku Valley Coffee Shop

It was 4: 00 in the evening by the time we reached Paderu. We had a short coffee break and again we started our journey to Araku which was 44km away from Paderu.

The bright yellow carpet of Valasa flowers (mustard)

It was sunset time and we happened to see a field of plantation shining like gold and that is something every traveller to Araku wants to experience.

Yes!! Those sun-kissed mellow-yellow flower gardens set out there like a yellow carpet. It was an Awe-inspiring moment for all of us to have some beautiful pictures out there. We could see the moon rising from the east and the sun setting on the west at a time.

Our First Moments At Pedalabudu Eco-Tourism Resort

It was 6:00 P.M till we reached Pedalabudu Eco-tourism resort in Arkau it was a very fantastic place to stay. It felt like we are in the lap of mother earth surrounded by mountains and landscapes all around. Our management head arranged Dhimsa dance which cannot be missed when at Araku.

The campfire, the dance, and our fun echoed in that tranquil place. The day ended with a scrumptious dinner in the night as we headed to our rooms.

A Lighter Moment With Dimsa Dance Group

Our Memorable Stay In Pedalabudu Eco-Tourism Resort

The rooms were just fantastic and very well maintained with all the necessities. The following day we had a comforting breakfast and started to some of the sightseeing places in Araku.

The Earline Morning Sunshine Over and Above the Hills

Padmapuram Gardens and Chaparai Waterfalls

We saw the coffee museum, Padmapuram Gardens and Chaparai waterfalls and by evening we started our return journey by 4:00 evening.

Ending The Trip With Lots Of Beautiful Memories

This was an enthralling tour planned by our beloved chairman on the occasion of the 14th anniversary. We all had lots of fun and experiences like never before and this company tour will always bring smiles to our faces, the moment we think of all those fun-filled moments, laughter and joy we had through our most exciting trip.

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