How To Use Hashtags To Increase Your Brand Reach On Social Media

How To Use Hashtags To Increase Your Brand Reach On Social Media

Have you ever wondered, why do you not get a proper reach despite keeping all your efforts in your social media marketing? Per day millions of posts are posted on Instagram with mind-blowing content and your best chances of making your content stand out, perform well and reach your target audiences across all the social media is achieved by using proper hashtags.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags on Instagram are just like keywords used in Google searches. They offer you the opportunity to discover new audiences and make you popular in the Instagram market. They help you categorize your content, create brand awareness, and boost your brand value. Hashtags are not just used on Instagram but they are also used on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. 

Which Hashtags Are Best Suitable for Your Brand?

Hashtags are unique and customized to your business. For example, a shoe business does not want to mislead their customers by posting a tweet that consists of the information about their shoes and explaining how unique they are but giving wrong hashtags regarding medicine or clothing which are nowhere related to the shoe business.

Some people believe that spamming on their posts with popular hashtags that do not relate to their service will help them improve their reach but the question to yourself why would anyone like to take the service which they are not looking for? The best hashtag to use is those that relate to your service and industry.

How To Use Hashtags For Your Social Media Platforms?

Every social media platform has different best practices while coming to hashtags. Consider these as the primary:

  • Hashtags must be one word
  • Spaces are not allowed
  • Numbers are allowed
  • Special characters are not allowed

How To Design A Hashtag Strategy?

Choose specific hashtags when possible, the more specific you get the more likely you are to attract your target audiences. A successful hashtag starts with knowing your audience and taking time to be familiar with what works by using hashtags as a part of your social media strategy . Hashtags act as a great tool to communicate with your followers and increase engagement with your brand and attract new customers. 

How To Find Hashtags And Organize Them

One of the greatest ways to source your hashtags is to look at what your competitors are using. The social media tool kits allow you to look into your competitor's best-performing hashtags so that you can target them for yourself. 

How can I reach more followers and increase my brand value?

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