How We Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at Our Office

How We Celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at Our Office

Ganesh Chaturthi also called Vinayaka chavithi (in Andhra Pradesh) is celebrated as one of the major festivals in India. On this day lord, Ganesha is idolized as a matter of devotion and belief. This was the day when he was revitalized into existence with an elephant head. Everyone celebrates this day with joy and grandeur.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations at Vinutnaa

At most offices, employees rarely get a chance to celebrate special days and interact with each other. Festivals don’t just bring you enjoyment but they also create a bond between people. And when festivals are celebrated in the workplace it gives more productivity to the organization. Everyone wishes to get their employees to get connected and inclined at work.

We celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at Vinutnaa, one of the best web development and mobile app development companies in India. On the day all the employees have come in ethnic wear and looked their best.

As we started the day we quickly decorated the entire office with beautiful flowers and balloons. We arranged chocolates at the idol of lord Ganesha with a humor note written saying “only one chocolate is allowed for each person and if you are grabbing another one, you see I’m watching you with two big eyes”. Well, that’s to add little humor and fun.

After greeting each other, we started fun activities and games. Had some fun games and activities that oozed laughter and joy. Everyone from all the teams came together and enjoyed wonderful moments. As the day came to an end we had some refreshments and greeted each other.

In the moment of celebrations, we have drawn closer to our colleagues and we do not stay behind to thank our company chairman Mr. Radha Krishna sir for organizing this event so beautifully.