Why Should You Choose ReactJS for Your Next Project?

Why Should You Choose ReactJS for Your Next Project?

The demand for workforce development projects and mobile applications has grown. And to make user-friendly websites and mobile applications, front-end development libraries like React JS are essential.

React JS offers a user-friendly UI along with its components. New tools are released every day and businesses are looking to get more work done in a short period.

The decision to choose the right programming tools, right framework and library is becoming difficult. But with ReactJs it’s easy. In this blog post, we are going to give you nine reasons why React JS developers deserve serious consideration.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source javascript library that facilitates front-end web development. The creator of ReactJS and the engineer at Facebook Jordan Walke, came up with an idea to merge Facebook’s markup syntax XHP into JavaScript.

It helped them run various user interfaces at once like chat and news updates, among others. After observing how well the merge worked Facebook made ReactJS an open-source language in 2013. Since then ReactJS had become one of the popular web frameworks.

Here we have listed some of the top reasons why you must choose React JS for your next project.

1. Modular design

The ReactJS modular design allows you to make small changes flexibly with ease. And as a result, many developers can reuse the same objects and employ the previously used assets without disturbing the other components.

2. Easy scripting

ReactJS offers free extensions called JSX. The JSX simplifies HTML markup in the library by writing shortcuts to your code and converts HTML mockups into ReactElement Trees. The ReactElement Trees in turn make the elements run faster.

3. SEO Friendly

One of the main aspects of web development is SEO. And ReactJS helps provide it. The ReactJS reduces the page load time and provides a faster-rendering speed compared to other frameworks. Faster rendering helps to reduce the bounce rate of your pages and websites.

In addition to web applications and pages using ReactJS are easier to crawl this improves the server-side rendering and enables you to run Javascript code before sending files to the user allowing him to see the content without allowing the React to run.

Furthermore, server-side rendering helps to load the page faster as Google doesn’t have to run javascript to crawl the pages.

4. Reusable components

The reusable components offer the code for similar features without needing the developer to write it over again. In addition to that ReactJS allows the developers to use individual application parts on both the client side and server side.

These capabilities help to save time and reduce the frequency of debugging the existing code.

These are some of the features ReactJS offers. Are you looking to hire ReactJS developers? Vinutna is one of the best web development and digital marketing company that provides various services such as Full stack development, PHP frameworks, Ecomerce development, UI/UX design, and many other services.