Why Should You Use Yoast SEO To Optimize Your WordPress Website?

Why Should You Use Yoast SEO To Optimize Your WordPress Website?

Your website’s front page appearance on search engine results makes your brand grow and improves conversion rates much easier. Thus, proper search engine optimization is necessary to help your posts and pages get higher rankings.

Among the SEO tools, Yoast SEO is one of the most common and popular WordPress SEO plugins utilized by nearly 12 million websites in the global market. Yoast SEO offers a wide range of features that are essential to optimize your WordPress to rank on search engines.

However, many people do not know the advantages of using Yoast SEO for their WordPress websites. Here in this article, we are going to explain to you why should you use Yoast SEO for your WordPress website. Before knowing that let us understand what is Yoast SEO.

What Is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that is useful for better site performance in search engines with a variety of features. The plugin takes care of all the technical aspects of SEO which leaves you free to perfect your pages and posts with the help of readability and SEO score analysis.

Why Use Yoast SEO for My WordPress Website?

Search engines examine the quality and structure of the web pages before ranking them on the search engine result pages. Optimized and well-structured websites are more likely to rank higher on the search engine. Thus, refining your content for optimizing it on search engines is crucial.

Even though WordPress has a well-structured search engine functionality, it doesn’t come up with the features that are needed to rank higher on search engines like google. To overcome this problem, you will need a suite of SEO plugins to help your WordPress site perform better.

Yoast SEO is named one of your WordPress website's most prominent SEO solutions. This plugin helps optimize your on-page SEO by suggesting modifications for your content to give it a mix of better readability and get it optimized well in the search engines.

Furthermore, it takes care of the technical SEO including schema.org and rel-canonical to ensure that your website meets the highest search engine optimization standards.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of Yoast SEO.

SEO Analysis

This includes a set of parameters and ensures that your content accomplishes the best of on-page SEO practices. This tool makes sure your focused keyword is placed appropriately and enough through your content but not too often. It also checks whether your keyword is present in your copy title, images, meta description, and subheadings.

It also uses color codes such as green, red, and orange to indicate the optimization level. Moreover, it also checks other SEO aspects such as if you have any other internal links to other articles on your website.

The green color indicates that the content is well optimized, red indicates that the content is optimized and orange indicates that the content is neutral.

Search Engine Snippet Review

This search engine snippet review is used for reviewing and customizing the way you want the post to appear on the google search results. This includes SEO title, URL slug, and meta description. Additionally, you can access the desktop and mobile views to tweak.

Content Readability

Content readability aims to help users create coherent and well-structured content by analyzing various factors such as paragraph length, sentence length, passive voice, subheading distribution, consecutive sentences, and other areas of grammar-related aspects. It uses Flesch reading ease score to identify whether the content is digestible.

In this example, you can see readability issues related to content.

When you improve the content you will see that the emoji turns into a shade of green. This means your content is easy to read and meets the SEO guidelines.

Webmaster Tool Integration

This tool connects your WordPress website with various tools such as Bing, Google Search Console, And Yandex. This helps you to analyze how well your website is doing on search pages. Through this, you can make adjustments and improve your SEO.