Technical Analysis of Requirement

Technical analysis requires adequate planning and a standard strategy to complete the task without much hustle.

Every business has a different level of difficulty in understanding and dealing with software-based technical issues of a website. We ease this by providing the high-grade technical analysis to satisfy your needs.

Technical Analysis

Custom Development

Web development is one of our fortes, and our designers create evocative designs offering custom solutions. By implementing advanced technology, seamless programming and unbeatable strategies we are constantly excelling with every project that comes our way.

We improve our service and offer customized websites that suit all your business needs. We solve complex business activities by upgrading problem analysis.

This will ensure everything that you expect in the appearance and functionality of your website.

When the competition is getting stiffer, you need to make sure that your website stands out in terms of design, development, testing and maintenance.

Custom Development

Google friendly Design

Since Google is the most popular search engine, we need to put some efforts to impress them.

Google wants to delight mobile users so we need to focus on engagements through a responsive website, on-page ranking and improved SEO. Mobile optimization is undeniably trending and apart from this, you need a website which loads in less than 3 seconds.

These factors are essential for building a better impression, accessibility and conversion rates. Responsive web design, dynamic content and faster loading web pages epitomize a Google friendly Design.

Design for All Smartphone

In the era of smartphones, responsive websites have become inevitable. One cannot run a business with a website which might not work on smartphones or different screen resolutions.

Responsive websites are crafted with fluid grid and fluid images in order to adapt to all kinds of layout and devices.

All Smartphone

Continuous monitoring of the site

Over the years we have redefined the significance of continuous monitoring of websites through leveraging advanced technologies. Attackers usually find it simple when there is lack of internal security controls.

This helps them plan their strategies methodically to achieve their goals. Our monitoring and security services will enhance the capabilities of your organizations by preventing all confidential data.

Continuous Monitoring

Website Secure & Monitoring

Website secure & monitoring is becoming popular among security vendors and CISOs (Chief information security officer).

After developing a website with the best infrastructure, risking the security is the last thing you would expect to happen. Hence, website secure & monitoring is needed to detect vulnerabilities, weaknesses and configuration flaws. This is also essential to ensure that your infrastructure is capable of hosting without any service interruptions. Banking, ecommerce and transportations are few industries which require highest standards of security.

Website Secure

Initial SEO Setup

Once you have a new website, think about making it visible to search engines. We focus on the initial SEO setup as it is a long-term process even if we do it strategically.

Your website has to be built keeping SEO in mind, as it will reduce a lot of tedious efforts down the line fixing it. We start by planning the structure of your website according to the target keywords.

This will enable each web page to target and attract searchers based on category.

Website Secure

Website Meta Data

Metadata are the backbone of every SEO optimized website. Metadata are basically keywords and phrases that describe the content in web pages.

It is not completely true that we will just add Meta tags and the website rises up to the top. There are other factors too, but Meta tags tell search engines and users what the site is about.

This has to be done carefully because it can have a negative impact if implemented incorrectly. Google’s algorithm decides if the description is inaccurately written and would replace that description with its own version. So it’s always better that we get it right in our own words.

Website Meta Data

Basic On-site Update

On-site SEO aka On page SEO is a blend of good content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized as opposed to off-page SEO which is related to links and external signals.

On-Site Update

Apart from just helping search engines clarify page content, it also helps users by passing information regarding the purpose of the site. Both keyword and non-keyword related SEO needs to be updated regularly. This will help in meeting the searchers expectations and the content will be aligned on the basis of their queries.

Website Speed Testing

Website speed testing may look less important, but in reality it is an important factor in the process of web development. According to research, 60% of your users may tend to leave your website if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds.

This can highly affect your conversion rate as they will be hardly keen to know about your products or services. We examine every part of your web page right from file size to other elements like HTML, CSS files and image size. These factors have a great influence on the page speed of your website.

Website Speed Testing

Local Citation Listings

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address and phone number of your local business. Local citations can be expected in local business directories, websites and apps, on social media platforms.

The main motive of Local Citation Listings is to actively manage data accuracy about your business. It can help consumers discover you without much effort.

Business categories, hours of operations, images, reviews, phone and email details and mode of payment are few core components of a local citations.

Local Citation Listings

Google Analytics & Search Console

Google has recently announced they have more deeply integrated Google search console metrics into Google analytics reports. The new Search Console tab blends data from different sources, and hence you get to know the acquisition, behavior and conversion metrics for your organic search traffic.

The search console section comprises of 4 main parts: Landing pages, Countries, Devices and Queries. These reports will determine the overall performance of your organic search results.

Google Analytics

Social Media & Branding

Social media and branding are the pillars of your marketing strategies. However, in the presence of so many different social media platforms it is difficult to understand which area requires more focus.

But the instant response that we get while promoting a product or service in the digital world is a relief to many marketers. This helps them in evaluating every situation and taking decisions promptly with less amount of risk.

Social Media

Google Adwords – PPC

Google Pay per click (PPC) may look like the easiest way to generate traffic, but there are always possibilities of some common mistakes. Our AdWords professionals are aware of these scenarios and they do it flawlessly by managing every step skillfully.

Google adwords is still the most preferred technique to bring more target audience as it gives instant results.

Social Media

24/7 Online Support

We believe in 24/7 chat support apart from other mediums like emails, call and feedbacks to stay connected to our customers. This helps us in understanding customer’s actual intent and expectations from our services. Our primary focus is to offer real-time solutions and guidance to customers who need it at the right time. We are constantly working on delivering comprehensive customer service.

Online Support

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