How to write a compelling Meta description for your brand

Meta description

How to write a compelling Meta description for your brand

Importance of Meta description

Meta descriptions are one of the unavoidable factors of SEO. Basically, it is 150-160 characters description on content of your website. You can even edit them with Meta description tag which will be displayed below the titles on search engines. Although, according to Google Meta descriptions aren’t that important for page rankings, but they do bring qualified traffic which counts in terms of conversion rates. It can easily influence the decision of the potential customer who’s looking for similar products that you are selling. It makers them think whether they wish to click content from or your competitor’s content. Hence make it descriptive, alluring and relevant, so that they would give you preference before other competitor’s in the market.

Meta description

What are Meta tags?

Meta tags are HTML elements that provide information to visitors through search engines about a webpage (products/services).

The two main elements that must be placed as tags in thesection of a HTML document are:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
What is a Meta description?

A short paragraph (description) of text placed in the HTML of a webpage which is related to its content. It will then appear below your page’s URL in the search engine results, which is also known as a snippet.

The Meta description also appears when readers share your content across various social media platforms.

Meta description

Where should you add Meta description?

You can add a Meta description in thesection of your site’s HTML as shown below:

Meta description

You can completely control Meta description in your CMS, especially while working on a WordPress.

SEO plug-in like Yoast, is best for meta description as it allows you to preview of the meta description in order to get an idea about how it will look in search engine results pages (SERPs):

Are Meta descriptions beneficial for ranking signal?

Google has declared that Meta descriptions were never considered as ranking signal. But, for the matter of fact, the quality of the description matters as it can bring qualified leads by influencing consumers and thus increasing click-through rate.

How to write a great Meta description?

This is a most crucial part of SEO writing, and hence you need to first make a Meta description checklist.

Popular keywords : Always make sure your important keywords or most searched keywords related to your webpage are included in the Meta description. Search engines tend to highlight these keywords in bold.

Write a readable copy : Avoid overuse of keyword stuffing to your Meta description as it doesn’t help the searcher, and instead they end up judging that it will lead them to a spammy website. Make the description look normal/ readable for your target audience.

Treat the Meta description as it’s a tool for advertising your web-page : Meta description should be always compelling and relevant to your web page. Apart from keeping these things in mind, endure an appealing content which can convince the customer to click on your link and visit your website.

Length of the description : The overall length of a Meta description should be no longer than 140 – 160 characters long. Now Google have started to track down longer snippets. If your Meta description is longer than a standard length then the possibilities are that search engines will cut the end off, and therefore make sure any important keywords are nearer the front.

Do not duplicate Meta descriptions : Google will surely penalize you for duplicating your Meta descriptions, therefore keep it as original as possible.

Creating rich snippets : Add elements to the snippets to increase their appeal. For instance, star ratings, customer ratings or product information, whichever is relevant to the website.

Perfect Meta description examples

Euro 2012 Football The guardian
Latest Euro 2012 news and coverage from including daily and match live blogs, analysis and comment.

Euro 2012: All the latest and breaking Euro 2012 news and comments, match Previews and reviews, UEFA European Championship pictures and videos

Few popular brands and their taglines

(i) Mail Chimp
Meta description
The description “Sell more stuff” is enough to convince the potential customer to try mail Chimp.

(ii) YouTube
Meta description
It is a known fact that the usage of “you” and “your” will give importance to the reader. This will encourage the reader to read more detailed information about your services.

(iii) Bing
Meta description
Bing is not that great as a search engine, but the meta description is just perfect.

(iv) Marriot

Did you notice “Start your next adventure”- Even though they are in hospitality industry, they understand their target audience and their expectations.

(v) Airbnb

“Feel at home”- I bet you can’t find a better line then this for a unique accommodation service like Airbnb.

Final thoughts
  • Writing Meta description is an art in the digital era where writers are trying their best to make it perfect, intriguing and relevant. Always follow the below guidelines when you construct a Meta description:
  • Never forget that the keywords you insert in a Meta description is highlighted in bold, this will draw more potential customers to your business.
  • The brand message is always supposed to be relevant and creative to attract more target audience.
  • Give away a Compelling marketing message which is 10 times better than your competitor.
  • Make sure you have a USP to showcase to your readers and that it will be useful for them or can meet their requirement.
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