Ugadi Celebrations at Vinutnaa 2k18

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Ugadi Celebrations at Vinutnaa 2k18

Ugadi refers to the beginning of the New Year according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar. All the employees at Vinutnaa have gathered to celebrate this auspicious day. We have dressed up in a traditional wear, all the ladies wore sarees and the gents were dressed up with dhotis.

There is a saying that, Ugadi festival cannot be complete without Ugadi Pachhadi, which is prepared with a mixture of six different ingredients. These ingredients resemble the fact of life, as one should experience all the aspects of life to know its importance. Every one of us is served with this Ugadi Pachhadi, it’s so delicious.

Our office is completely decked up with mango leaves and flowers. The event is followed by Rangoli competition and other such games. Every one of us enthusiastically participated in each and every event. We thoroughly enjoyed the festival atmosphere at our office.

May the Fruits of Happiness Ripen this Year!

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