Women’s Day Celebrations at Vinutnaa


Women’s Day Celebrations at Vinutnaa

International Women’s Day which unifies millions of women’s around the globe to celebrate the achievements of Women with respect to their culture, region, etc. Vinutnaa is proud to say that we have 50% of our employee’s strengths are women. No matter whether you are male or female we do hire the best fit employee in that particular role.

At Vinutnaa, The International Women’s Day on 8th March was celebrated and all our employees have enthusiastically participated in all the activities and events.

The event also provided an opportunity for the women to share their personal experiences and followed by some games like a cook without fire and many more. A contest has been conducted and entitled three women with Most Punctual, Most Active and Most Talented, the event has gone interesting and fun. The winners are awarded by some special gifts.

The Women’s Day Celebrations is one of the finest examples that resembles who truly value women who work here.

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